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SAnDReS: Statistical Analysis of Docking Results and Scoring functions  

SAnDReS Installation  

Start thinking outside the box for docking simulations. Use SAnDReS, it is reliable, fast, easy, free, and funny. 

Download from GitHub  

You may download SAnDReS code from GitHub.


Installing SAnDReS without Installers (Windows)  

You need to have Python 3 installed on your computer to run SAnDReS. Also, you need to install NumPyMatplotlibscikit-learn, and SciPy.  

You can make the installation process easier by installing Anaconda. 

Step 1. Install Anaconda 32 bits (download here)  

Step 2. Download SAnDReS 1.1.0 from GitHub (here)    

Step 3. Unzip the zipped file ( 

Step 4. Copy sandres directory to c:\ .

Step 5. Open a command prompt window and type: cd c:\sandres

then type: python

This launches GUI window for SAnDReS. That´s it, good SAnDReS session. See tutorial page for additional information about how to run SAnDReS. You can also start SAnDReS clicking on the sandres.bat file. You may also create a shortcut for SAnDReS right clicking on the sandres.bat file. More details here

SAnDReS 1.1.0 GUI window.

Download Installers   

We provide here the SAnDReS installers for Linux and Windows. These installers were developed by Mr. Amauri Duarte da Silva. You don't need to have Python installed on your computer to run it. Just go through the installation instructions below, and enjoy using SAnDReS, a new way to think about protein-ligand docking. Last updated on May 19, 2018.


Installing SAnDReS (Windows)   

You need administrator privileges to install SAnDReS. The easiest way to install SAnDReS (Windows) on your computer is via the stand-alone installers, which you can download from the above links. To install SAnDReS, unzip the zip file and click on the installer file. Keep the installation folder indicated by the installer (c:\sandres). Once finished the installation, you will have a desktop icon for SAnDReS, just click on it and start your SAnDReS session. We have tested this installer (Windows 64 bits) on computers running Windows 8.1. It worked fine with us. If you have  any question regarding the installation process, please feel free contact me by e-mail:  .

Installing SAnDReS (Linux) 

To install SAnDReS (Linux) on your computer use the stand-alone installers, which you can download from the above links. To install SAnDReS, unzip the tar.gz file and then you can run SAnDReS.