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Molecular Docking    

Molecular docking simulation of roscovitine against the structure of CDK2 (2A4L)

The computational prediction of the position of a given ligand into the binding pocket of a protein target is called protein-ligand molecular docking (Dias & De Azevedo, 2008; De Azevedo, 2010; Heberlé & Azevedo, 2011). Our focus here is on the application of optimized molecular docking strategies to identify potential new inhibitors for enzymes that are targets for drug development. We are interested in the discovery of new inhibitors for cyclin-dependent kinases (De Azevedo, 2017; Levin et al., 2017;  de Ávila et al., 2017), HIV-1 protease (Pintro & Azevedo, 2017), and several others proteins targets (Heck et al., 2017). We also seek the development of integrated strategies for molecular docking simulations (Xavier et al., 2016). These docking strategies use applications of bio-inspired computing to carry out molecular docking simulations (Heberlé & Azevedo, 2011). Furthermore, we are seeking the development of targeted-scoring function for the biological system we are interested in (Heck et al., 2017).  


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